Dr. David Kloth Performs Free Disk Surgery on Patient at Danbury Surgical Center

David Kloth, MD, performed two free operations on a patient’s damaged disks at Danbury Surgical Center after the patient suffered a car accident leaving him in constant pain, according to a Houston Chronicle . According to the report, the surgery center donated its time, space and staff, as did the companies supplying the equipment needed for the work. The surgery followed years of talking to insurance companies to get them to cover the cost of the work. Dr. Kloth, founder and medical director of Connecticut Pain Care in Danbury, said the patient deserved this chance after exhausting other options. The surgery to treat disk pain costs about $100,000, according to the report. Dr. Kloth made a small incision in the patient’s back and used a laser to trim away the small herniations in each of the patient’s disks. He then used a heating coil inserted into the disks to heal the tears. The surgical team followed their work on video screen monitors. report