Joint pain

Joint pain can involve any joint in the body from knees, hips, and shoulders to the small joints of the fingers. Even the spine has joints which exist between each vertebral body, these are called facet joints. There are many different treatments available for joint injuries. Joint pain can be associated with arthritis, damage to the ligaments, meniscus, labrum, or other internal structure. In order to determine the appropriate treatment the specific etiology or damage within the joint must be determined. There are many situations where joint pain can be treated non-surgically. In some cases the damage is severe enough to warrant surgical intervention.

Degenerative osteoarthritis of a joint has been traditionally treated in this country with joint replacement. Stem cell therapy, as well as other regenerative medicine therapy techniques, have shown some benefit for the pain and can theoretically result in reversal of some of the damage found within osteoarthritic joints; in many patients a total joint replacement can be avoided. Ongoing research continues in this area. We have found a high success rate with the use of regenerative therapy techniques for the treatment of joint injuries and arthritis.