Pain Wise

Suffering from chronic pain can be incredibly isolating and frustrating. Visiting doctor after doctor can leave you feeling as if there is no treatment for your pain. If you or a loved one is suffering from chronic pain, this book can be a first step to understanding treatments that can help manage pain. Though doctors have tried to treat patients in pain throughout history, more recently, focused training and certification in pain medicine has resulted in the emergence of a new specialty designed to help people suffering from chronic pain. Pain-Wise also includes expert advice on:

  • Identifying various parts of the body that can cause pain, using a simple anatomy guide
  • How to choose a pain specialist who is right for you
  • Getting the most out of your doctor’s visits
  • Basic explanations of common interventional pain management techniques
  • Information on minimally invasive surgery techniques
  • Explanation of implantable therapies for the treatment of severe chronic pain


Interventional Techniques in Chronic Spinal Pain:

For Interventional Pain Physicians