Trigger point injections are used for the treatment of myofascial pain syndromes. In these patients, taut bands of muscle or areas of muscle spasm are injected to release the area of tightness. Most physicians use local anesthetic for this procedure, although some physicians may use other substances such as, saline, steroid, sarapin, or nothing at all (which is called a ‘dry needle’ technique). I prefer to use local anesthetic because of the short term analgesic effect. This provides an almost immediate increased range of motion which then allows the patient to stretch the affected areas; stretching is the key to obtaining long term results. Therefore, following trigger point injections it is extremely important that the patient perform a home stretching program in order to maximize their benefit from this therapy. Trigger point injections are often used in conjunction with other therapeutic interventions especially when there is a residual muscular spasm component after treatment of another underlying condition.